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Advice on the Most Important Gift You’ll Ever Give

There’s a Beautiful Name Waiting for Your Child

Our name is the first thing people learn about us—and the last thing we leave behind. A name is a gift so meaningful, so powerful and so personal that only you can select it for your child. My Name for Life is here to help you discover the attractive and memorable name meant just for your baby.

Personal Baby Name Consultations

Specializing in Hand-Picked Name Ideas for Newborns

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Custom name suggestions for Earth’s newest residents are hand-picked to match parents’ tastes and goals. We’re known for attractive, uncommon baby names that your child by birth or adoption will wear with pride.

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Here at My Name for Life, you’ll find the patient, supportive assistance you need to pick the name your child will say and write proudly for the rest of his or her life. We’ll reach into our rich library of names to make suggestions based on criteria you provide through either PERSONAL TELEPHONE INTERVIEW or via CUSTOMIZED E-MAIL QUESTIONNAIRE. No machine-generated guesses. No random lists plucked from a book or the web—just hand-selected names researched just for your child and delivered in a professional, “parent-friendly” digital report ready for your consideration.

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So Many Choices

In the English-speaking world, there is no longer a handful of “acceptable” names. Instead, we now choose from a rich palette of names found in history, art, literature and in popular culture from around the globe brought to us through the internet. With the freedom to pick almost any name comes great responsibility: How do you choose a name that is both unique and dignified? Is the name you are considering too difficult to pronounce? Too hard to spell? Too trendy? Not special enough?

You’re Naming a Person

In an effort to create a “different,” more noticeable identity for infants, we sometimes forget that we are also naming a school child, a teenager, a young adult, and a career person. My Name for Life was created to suggest names that make children stand out in a positive way throughout their lives. Whether traditional, trendy, uncommon, or completely invented—the name you choose should be spoken with confidence and regarded with admiration.

Why a Baby Name Consultant?

Every parent-to-be has a friend who’s “heard a great name” or a relative that’s hinted, “It would be nice if you remembered Grandpa when picking a name . . .” It may seem like the world is full of baby name consultants. My Name for Life is different. It is a personal, private, no-pressure way of getting honest advice and wonderful name suggestions from a respected baby naming professional with experience researching names, writing about names, selecting names and solving naming dilemmas.

Articles by CNN, Reuters, The Wall Street Journal have cited the benefits of baby name consultants. Only YOU can pick a name for your child. But you’ll feel more confident collaborating with a baby name specialist who has experience, resources, skills as well as a love for the task—someone who’ll listen patiently to your concerns and then rigorously pursue baby names you may not otherwise find.

Who Uses a Baby Name Consultant?

Parents-to-be from all walks of life consult My Name for Life, from executives at some of America’s largest corporations to entrepreneurs to entertainers to at-home parents in the U.S., Canada and abroad. Every naming request is handled personally, by appointment, and we are careful to maintain a schedule that allows for dedicated research time for each new baby requiring a name. My Name for Life's founder Sherri Suzanne has been selecting and creating baby names in the New York area since the Nineties and brought My Name for Life to the internet 14 years ago to make baby-naming services available to parents worldwide.

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Complete Privacy Assured
High-profile client or low-profile, no individual’s privacy is ever compromised by My Name for Life. If you wish to share your name consultation experience with others, the decision is yours. My Name for Life does not disclose client names or sell client lists. 

Advice on the Most Important Gift You’ll Ever Give
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